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Academic Excellence

Since our school’s inception in 1861, the academic program at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute has challenged students to pursue the highest standards of excellence. As a Lasallian school, the uniquely personal relationships that develop between our teachers and students over the course of one’s time at SJCI remain at the heart of what we strive to do each day in the classroom. What we teach and how we teach, however, have consistently evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and our world.
The most recent evolution of our academic program is highlighted by a move away from the New York State Regents program, beginning in the 2019-20 school year, leading to the following:
  • Greater freedom for our teachers to be innovative in the classroom, allowing them to create an engaging and comprehensive college preparatory curriculum designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • Diversification of student assessments, exposing students to the varied types of assessments they will encounter during their college years
Beyond the classroom, several elements of our larger academic program work together to ensure that every student who enters through our doors will be challenged and inspired:
  • New Academic Centers in the different subject areas: designed to further strengthen our student-teacher relationships, giving our students greater access to teachers for mentorship and support throughout the school day
  • The Academic Enrichment Center: dedicated faculty and programs to provide students with additional academic assistance, ensuring that all of our students can navigate the rigors of a SJCI education
  • New course offerings: described in our updated course catalog, these new courses only enhance the wide selection of courses available to our students, including more than 20 different Advanced Placement and college credit courses.
The St. Joe’s diploma a student earns after four years of active study has stood as a testament to our students’ perseverance and our collective dedication to excellence. As we continue our move into a new academic era for St. Joe’s, we know that the worth of this diploma is only increasing, setting our newest generation of students up for abundant success in college, in careers, and in life.
We invite you to learn more about our academic vision in this short video.