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Coach Gabe Michael Memorial Basketball Endowment Fund

Coach. Leader. Father-Figure. Brother. Mentor. Friend. Role Model. Advocate. Competitor.


These titles are a sample of the labels our students, faculty, and staff use to describe our beloved head basketball coach, Gabe Michael. On November 21, Coach Gabe passed away at the age of 43, and since his passing, the SJCI community has come together to mourn the loss and celebrate his life and legacy.


Coach Gabe began coaching at St. Joe's in 2018. During those five and a half years, the Marauder community had the privilege of watching him build a winning basketball program and cultivate an authentic Lasallian culture of Brotherhood within the St. Joe's basketball community. His players love him. To them, he was more than a coach. He was a brother and a friend.


Coach Gabe's stats speak for themselves. He turned a struggling program into a perennial contender for the Manhattan Cup. Under his leadership, the Marauders won the Manhattan Cup in 2021. Amid the COVID pandemic, that win brought the St. Joe's community great joy and pride and signaled that things would be OK. 


In memory of Coach Gabe's legacy, SJCI alumni and friends have begun the Coach Gabe Michael Memorial Basketball Endowment Fund. The proceeds from this fund will provide a deserving St. Joe's student with financial assistance and program support for the basketball team. Generous contributions to this fund will honor Gabe's legacy, allowing deserving young men to be part of our transformative Lasallian community and the basketball team Coach Gabe turned into a genuine family.

"I have a picture from the 2021 Manhattan Cup post-game celebration in my office. Coach Gabe's colossal smile is clearly evident under his mask. A piece of the basketball net the team cut off the rim that day is also displayed on the shelf behind my desk. It will forever remind me of my friend and colleague, the incredible imprint he has left on my heart, and the hearts of everyone he coached, worked with, and mentored." Christopher M. Fulco, President
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Thank you, St. Joe's alumni and friends! Because of you, the fund in memory of Coach Michael has exceeded $50,000.
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