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Strategic Plan 2022-2027: Advancing Our Lasallian Mission

Dear SJCI Alumni and Friends,

Several historic moments have changed the trajectory of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and made it into the school our students enjoy today. Of course, Bishop Timon’s initial request of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools in 1861 to open a place of learning for the burgeoning population of Buffalo is perhaps the most significant. Brother Pompian’s reopening of the school in the 1890's after several years of closure is equally important, and the school’s move from downtown Buffalo to its impressive, modern campus in 1950 set the path for success for St. Joe’s in the second half of the twentieth century. Over the last 30 years, the success of several capital campaigns transformed the Kenmore Avenue campus and not only added state-of-the-art science labs, performing arts spaces, athletic facilities, and computer labs but also the funds necessary to open access to SJCI to young men of financial need.
Today, our school is emerging from two challenging years in a position of strength after its exemplary, unified response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite a declining demographic landscape and fierce competition from public, charter, and private schools, St. Joe’s has continued to be a leader in educating the young men of Western New York.
Strategic Plan 2022-2027: Advancing Our Lasallian Mission is the culmination of a year-long process and provides a clear road map by which the administration, faculty, and staff will navigate the next five years on our way to establishing a more vibrant, accessible, and effective Lasallian Catholic school to serve God and His children. The foundation of this plan rests in the five core principles of a Lasallian School: quality education, respect for all persons, inclusivity, concern for the poor and social justice, and faith in the holy presence of God. As we seek to follow in the footsteps of St. John Baptist de La Salle, we strive to strengthen our curriculum and look for ways to provide access for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, income level, or learning needs. We seek to strengthen our brand, attract a larger pool of prospective students, and ensure SJCI’s financial sustainability while also striving to inspire young men to serve the poor and marginalized within our community. And we look for ways to better care for the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our students living in a culture that has become increasingly more challenging.
The strategic plan is our vision for the next five years and the future of St. Joe’s. The goals contained in this plan will require our stakeholders’ creativity, ingenuity, and passion. More importantly, we rely on the holy presence of God to guide our pursuits and help us achieve the objectives of this ambitious plan.
We would like to thank the many volunteers who put time, energy, and effort into crafting this strategic plan and the thousands of alumni and community members who took the time to answer survey questions and participate in focus groups. We ask for and will pray for your continued support as we take the next steps and seek resources to help implement this strategic plan and advance our Lasallian Mission.
Christopher M. Fulco, Ed.D., President
James W. Grable ’89, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Jeffrey M. Papia ’06, Strategic Plan Co-Chair
Jessica L. Seabury, Strategic Plan Co-Chair