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In today's interconnected society, the Modern Languages Department inspires students to gain a new perspective on the world. Teachers promote cultural appreciation through the study of language in our classrooms, activities in our foreign language clubs, and experiences on cultural immersion trips to foreign countries.
After four years of study, students are prepared to speak fluently and read with comprehension. In addition, students will have acquired an appreciation of the value system and behavior patterns of different cultures. 
Courses offered: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
  • French
    • French I
    • French II
    • French III (Regents and Honors offered)
    • French IV (Honors also offered)
    • AP French
  • German
    • German I
    • German II
    • German III (Regents and Honors offered)
    • German IV (Honors also offered)
    • AP German
  • Spanish
    • Spanish I
    • Spanish II 
    • Spanish III (Regents and Honors offered)
    • Spanish IV (Honors also offered)
    • AP Spanish
  • Chinese
    • Chinese I
    • Chinese II 
    • Chinese III