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Classroom Experience

The Religious Studies Department calls each student to develop abilities that reflect respect, responsibility and integrity. By studying the teachings of Jesus, we reveal how the Holy Spirit works within each of us. It is through these studies that our students grow as both individuals and children of God.
Courses offered: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
  • Freshman Level: Encountering God
    • What does it mean to be Catholic, Christian, Lasallian?
    • Who is God?
  • Sophomore Level: Salvation Through Jesus
    • Who is the Church?
    • How is Brotherhood and Communion related?
  • Junior Level: World Religions and Catholic Ethics
    • Why God?
    • What is the Catholic vision of truth, beauty, goodness?
  • Senior Level: Spirituality and Cap Stone Project
    • Each student will create a presentation on what it means to graduate from a Lasallian Catholic school.
    • The project will explain why his high school journey was different because he attended St. Joe's.
Service Requirement:
In addition to the work inside the classroom, a minimum of 20 hours per year of service is required for each student. This work with the poor and marginalized is a vital component of a Lasallian Catholic education. These experiences prepare our young men for lives of service to their communities. Learn more about the service component of the St. Joe's faith experience here.