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Department Overview

At St. Joe’s, we aim to build a solid foundation of mathematical principles with a focus on application and analysis to teach true problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students enter our college-prep mathematics program at different levels, so we offer a wide variety of courses to challenge and inspire each student.

During the four years of study, all students will have the opportunity to earn college credit in mathematics either through Advanced Placement courses or through our Pre-Calculus college partnership program.
St. Joe's also participates in the University at Buffalo Gifted Math Program. 
Beginning with the Class of 2023, most students will follow one of these paths: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
Path 1
Path 2 Path 3
Math 9 (Geometry focus) Math 9 (Geometry focus) Math 9 Honors (Geometry focus)
Math 10 (Algebra focus) Math 10 (Algebra focus) Math 10 Honors (Advanced Algebra / Trig)
Intermediate Algebra Math 11 (Advanced Algebra / Trig) Pre-Calculus Honors
Introduction to College Algebra Pre-Calculus AP Calculus AB / AP Calculus BC
Additional Courses
  • Applied Mathematics & Calculus
  • AP Statistics