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At St. Joe's, we focus on application and analysis to teach true problem solving and evaluation skills. Students enter our college-prep mathematics program at different levels, so we offer courses to challenge and inspire each student.
Most students follow one of these course paths over four years of study: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
                   Path 1                                                           Path 2                                            Path 3
     Fundamentals of Algebra 1-A                             Algebra 1                                    Geometry (H) 
Fundamentals of Algebra 1-B / Geometry         Geometry (H)                         Algebra 2 / Trigonometry (H)
      Intermediate Algebra                                Algebra 2 / Trigonometry (H)              Pre-calculus (H) 
Introduction to College Algebra                           Pre-calculus (H)                              AP Calculus
(H) indicates the course is also offered at the Honors level.
Additional Courses
  • Advanced Topics in Mathematics
  • AP Statistics
St. Joe's participates in the University at Buffalo Gifted Math Program.