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Physical Education

Utilizing our world-class facilities, students are given options to engage in a wide variety of health-enhancing activities. Our goal is to keep each student active during his time in Physical Education, and equip students with the experience and knowledge to make informed decisions about nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. 
Courses offered: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
  • Freshman Level
    • Physical Education A
  • Sophomore Level
    • Physical Education B
  • Junior / Senior Level
    • Physical Education C
    • Exercise & Wellness (Students may take this course either junior or senior year in place of Physical Education)
Sport skills, especially those essential to young men, are an important area of focus. New activities and more advanced sport skills are introduced at every level throughout the four years of Physical Education. We also offer the option to participate in fitness specific activities including walking or running the track, using cardiovascular equipment such as spin bikes, or following a custom program in the weight room. 
In addition, key concepts are discussed and demonstrated including strength & conditioning, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercise. Students often recreate in team environments and have the opportunity to compete with and against classmates to reinforce good sportsmanship in a supervised setting.
In addition to the newly renovated, large indoor gymnasium, the St. Joe's athletic facilities include over 180,000 square feet of turf fields and fitness center.