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Academic Excellence

St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute immerses students in a well-balanced, challenging college-preparatory curriculum. Our goal, through a highly personalized approach, is to help each and every student achieve his personal best - regardless of the level at which he comes to us.
The academic program at St. Joe's is arranged on four levels of study: Advanced Placement, honors, Regents, and school-based courses. Courses offered on any level are acceptable for college admissions. All students qualify for the NYS Regents diploma, and the majority receive an advanced diploma as well. Our teachers serve as passionate mentors, who are available, approachable, and committed to the development of each individual student. 
Advanced Academic Programs
We offer advanced courses for potential college credit. Academically qualified students may register for the Advanced Placement courses. College credit is awarded through criteria of each college/university.
St. Joe's also offers the Brother Pompian Honors Academy, an academic honors program designed for high achievers. The BPHA pairs students with additional courses, cultural opportunities, and inspiring academic experiences.
Academic Enrichment Center
Some of our students require additional support to reach their academic goals. The Academic Enrichment Center provides that support in a nurturing and encouraging environment, meeting the needs of each student through group and one-to-one tutoring.

Graduation Requirements
All students are required to complete 26.5 credits for graduation. Students take five academic credits each year in addition to Religion and Physical Education. Freshmen are also required to take music or art. 
The general distribution of credits is displayed below. The requirements may be adjusted for students entering St. Joe's after freshman year. Course of studies may be adjusted for incoming freshmen who have completed accelerated programs in elementary / middle school. More details can be found in the course catalog.
           Department               Freshmen                      Sophomores                   Juniors                  Seniors
Religion                       X                       X                        X                       X
English                       X                       X                        X                       X
Social Studies                       X                       X                        X                       X
Mathematics                       X                       X                        X  
Science                       X                       X                        X  
Modern Languages                       X                       X                        X  
Physical Education                       X                       X                        X                       X 
Health                          X    
Visual & Performing Arts                       X      
Electives                         3 credits