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Welcome to BPHA

The Brother Pompian Honors Academy (BPHA) provides once-in-a-lifetime academic and extracurricular opportunities to St. Joe’s highest-achieving students.  This is our most prestigious academic student organization.

The BPHA mission is to nurture a stimulating environment for the intellectual student through advanced coursework, extracurricular enrichment, community service, and camaraderie. Scholars develop the ambition to pursue lifelong learning and big ideas, and the responsibility to use their intellectual gifts in service to others.

BPHA scholars embrace learning for the sake of learning and foster relationships with other academically-gifted students and dedicated faculty. They are given access to unique cultural and academic opportunities that surpass those of advanced programs of other schools, including intellectually stimulating lectures, field trips, and projects.

BPHA members wear special honors cords and receive formal recognition during their commencement ceremony. Even more valuable, BPHA scholars leave St. Joe’s with impressive resumes full of achievements and experiences that are an asset in college and beyond.

Class of 2026 BPHA Members



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