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Academy Benefits

As members of a prestigious academic organization, students of the Brother Pompian Honors Academy will embrace learning for the sake of learning, and will foster relationships with other academically gifted students and dedicated faculty.

The value of BPHA participation is not only intrinsic. At the end of four years, students who successfully complete the program will have assembled an impressive resume of achievements that will be a great asset in the college admissions process.

BPHA members will experience unique opportunities which surpass those available in advanced programs of other schools. For example, many scholars from previous years met writer Salman Rushdie and participated on the winning team of the Science Olympiad. BPHA students are offered the opportunity to participate and experience a series of intellectually challenging after-school lectures offered by members of the St. Joe's community, including distinguished alumni.

Finally, every student who successfully completes all requirements of the BPHA will receive a special sash and be formally recognized during his graduation ceremony.