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Instrumental Music

The instrumental music program welcomes young men with all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced. The various courses, ensembles, and workshops provide a platform for each individual to develop his natural musical abilities. In addition, talented students interested in continuing their music study at the college level will discover a multitude of opportunities to elevate their skills. 

Instrumental Music course for freshmen with no prior instrumental music experience:

  • Freshmen Band:  Brass, Percussion, or Woodwind

Instrumental Music Ensembles: (permission from instructor required for freshman participation)

  • Concert Band
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • String Ensemble
  • Jazz Lab Band
Musicians involved in our ensembles showcase their talents annually during concerts held at both St. Joe's and Rockwell Hall, the performing arts center at Buffalo State College. 
Our Concert Band is comprised of our woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians. Members of the Percussion Ensemble and String Ensemble benefit from the opportunity to learn from one of our Artists in Residence, in addition to the professional teaching done by our experienced faculty.
The Jazz Lab Band meets each week outside of the school day and performs throughout the WNY community, in addition to the annual school concerts. This ensemble also participates in a tour and competition each spring. 
Additional courses offered: (See the course catalog for course descriptions.)
  • Class Piano
  • Music Theory
  • Survey of Audio Engineering