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Advancement Committee

Meeting schedule for the 2020-2021 school year:
  • Complete strategic planning process and documentation. 
  • Assist the VP of Advancement in setting goals and strategies including: short and long-term objectives, review of all fundraising efforts, and evaluating effectiveness of programs.
  • Make recommendations for/against acceptance of unusual gifts.
  • Review the marketing and public relations of the school.
Committee Members:
Tom McManus '88 - Co-Chairperson: [email protected]
Dave Dyson '91 - Co-Chairperson: [email protected]
Kyle Ciminelli '00: kciminelli@[email protected]
Johnny Graves '03: [email protected]
Jeff Papia '06: [email protected]
Dave Pietrowski
Bob Schreck
Bob Scott
Dan Warner '06: [email protected]