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The SJCI retreat program allows students to take time out of their busy academic and social schedules for prayer and reflection. On retreat, students consider issues that affect their lives as teenagers, their faith, and their relationships with family and peers. The design of the retreats reflects the developmental nature of the students’ spirituality. Each year, every student is provided a retreat opportunity.
Freshman Retreat
In the fall, each freshman takes part in his first retreat experience at St. Joe's. The retreat is an opportunity for freshmen to form community with their fellow students with faculty leading the experience. Emphasis is placed on developing one’s own style of prayerfulness and reflection.

Sophomore Retreat
Sophomores continue their faith journey by reflecting on the question: Who is God in my life? They will discover new ways of thinking about God and new places to experience God. Lastly, students will learn how God calls them into a relationship and how to respond to this call in their own lives.

Junior Retreat
Juniors are invited to stand together on the margins with the least, the last, and the lost. This service retreat challenges students to integrate faith and action in response to the Gospel’s call to help others. This experience is held at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy in Buffalo. Some students will help sort, make, and serve food. Others will mentor students in St. Luke’s School. Lastly, students will help clean buildings on St. Luke’s property and on properties nearby.

Senior Retreat - Kairos 
Kairos is a four-day, off-campus retreat for seniors and select juniors held at Christ the King Seminary. Kairos is a Greek word meaning God’s time, as opposed to Chronos, which means clock-time. This retreat allows students to recognize God’s presence within themselves, their talents, their families, others, in the Bible, and in the world around them. Kairos is centered on the affirmation of each student’s worth and the idea that God’s love is unconditional. Student leaders take on a much greater role in Kairos than in any other St. Joe's retreats.
“My group left for Kairos knowing very little about what was going to happen. But the safe and respectful environment quickly broke down any walls between me, my St. Joe’s brothers, and the faculty who came with us. I discovered so much more about my faith and my relationship with God through this experience.”  Michael Greco
Class of 2017
Kairos group