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Why We Give

We are blessed to have generous alumni and friends who support St. Joe's through a planned gift. The reasons are often very personal, but always circle back to the Lasallian values learned during their years on campus. Here are a few of their stories:
Dick Jackson '59:
"St. Joe’s provided me the opportunity to receive a great Christian education and allowed me to compete successfully in all aspects of life. The school also imbued in me a responsibility to help others in our community. It has been my sincere pleasure to give back to St. Joe’s, as I recognize the impact it made in my life.”
Josh Sankes ’96:

How did St. Joe's prepare you for college and life?
"St. Joe's prepared me for life by exposing me to a challenging academic experience, and at the same time, giving me a chance to play on an incredible basketball team. All of this helped create a sense of structure, perseverance and drive to excel, not only in college, but in my life. Working hard is an important value to me, and that is something that I talk to my children about all the time. I also made lifelong friends at St. Joe's that have supported me through every stage of life."
Why do you support St. Joe's now?
"St. Joe's experiences are still some of my fondest memories even though it has been 20+ years. I still have a strong connection to the school. I believe this is connected to the consistency of the staff of St. Joe's, and they remember me by first name. I also believe that if you want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer, you certainly need to get educated. Education is a must for a promising and secure future and a stable life."
You are a young alum. Why did you use a planned gift to support the school?
"Planned giving is not about age. It is about planning for your life and your family’s life. As an investment advisor, my goal for myself and every client is to have a clear understanding of their assets and a sound financial future. Having a planned gift at our age means we understand and believe in this institution, and it expresses my values. I also believe that Buffalo benefits by St. Joe's, therefore, I find satisfaction and meaning through giving to it. I also like the tax advantages for my estate through this type of giving, plus, as we prepare for our own financial future, I can give a meaningful gift without it affecting my family's assets right now."
What would you say to other young alums who might be considering the same thing?
"Make a plan. I would like to see every St. Joe's alumnus at least have a will. For us, we decided to create a trust plan and, in our charitable giving portion, we discussed a percentage split for each charity that my wife Amy and I care about both in Buffalo and our current home in Sarasota, FL. It was important to me that our family and children are taken care of first, and then it was important to me to give back. If St. Joe's helped create your success, then give back to help others that might not get the same opportunity. It doesn't need to impact your finances right now. Talk to the Advancement Office, and they can educate you on the many ways to give and support."
Gino Bona ’91:
How did St. Joe's prepare you for life?
"My four years at St. Joe's represented the most impactful development period in my life. In addition to receiving an outstanding education, I learned lifelong lessons in responsibility, empathy, perseverance, and honesty."
Why do you support St. Joe's now?
"It feels like the right thing to do. Not only did the school have a profound effect on my development, but St. Joe's has positively impacted so many of my classmates and those who graduated before and after me. Even though I haven't lived in Western New York since 1996, I feel a sense of responsibility to support St. Joe's so other young men can receive the same education and opportunities that I did."
You are a young alum. Why did you use a planned gift to support the school? Did your father have anything to do with this?
"I wanted to find a way to support St. Joe's beyond writing a check here and there. My father graduated from St. Joe's in 1964, and he established a planned gift several years ago. We discussed the logistics and benefits of establishing a planned gift, and I took the necessary steps to create my own planned gift for St. Joe's in 2013."
Can you describe the relationship between the Bona family and SJCI?
"My family's relationship with St. Joe's has spanned over 50 years. My father ('64), brothers (John '88; Dean '91), and several of our cousins graduated from St. Joe's. All of us are proud to be St. Joe's alumni. My son, Quentin, won't be able to make the daily commute from North Carolina to St. Joe's, but I'm looking forward to my nephew, Johnny, carrying on the tradition as a prospective member of the Class of 2032."
What would you say to other young alums who might be considering planned gifts to support the school?
"I encourage all young alums to do the research. From a fiscal perspective, there are potential tax breaks that represent a huge advantage to making a planned giving arrangement. The specifics will vary according to a range of factors, and potential donors should evaluate the possibilities on a case-by-case basis. Creating a planned gift is a win-win situation for the donor and St. Joe's."
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