Tuition, Fees & Tuition Support

A St. Joe's education is available to all socio-economic backgrounds due to our expansive tuition assistance. Over 80% of the class of 2023, our current freshman class, will receive tuition support through merit-based Academic Scholarships, a need-based Tuition Assistance Program, and a Supplementary Work Program. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and benefactors, St. Joe's enjoys a growing endowment, and our mission is to extend the St. Joe's experience to all who qualify academically. During the 2019-20 school year, St. Joe's will allocate $3.0 million in Tuition Support.
Listen to our school leaders as they describe the unique components of St. Joe's Academic Program:
Academic Scholarships
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute offers academic scholarship awards to qualified incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and potential. Financial need is not a factor in determining scholarship eligibility. Of primary consideration in selecting a student to receive an academic scholarship is his score on the Scholarship and Entrance Examination given prior to his acceptance into St. Joe's. Additional criteria in determining such awards include a review of the student's transcript from grades 6, 7, and 8.
A student's scholarship award is renewed automatically each school year provided his school work consistently demonstrates a superior level of achievement. Please contact the Admissions Office at 716.874.4953 for more information.
Tuition Assistance 
Families may apply for financial aid in the fall of the year prior to attendance. If a family qualifies for aid, notice will be sent at the same time an acceptance packet is mailed to the student, providing a full financial picture at the time of acceptance.
Application must be made each year to maintain eligibility as awards do not automatically renew. Tuition Assistant Awards result in a direct reduction of tuition expenses vary in size and are awarded to families based on financial need.
The tuition assistance application is available here
  • Please review the Application Instructions since you must complete the online form in one sitting.
  • Parents of returning students should submit your application and documentation by 4/30/2020.
  • Parents of new applicants should submit their application and documentation as soon as possible. The Financial Aid Committee will review new applications as they are completed.
Parents should contact the Tuition Office at 716.874.0730 or the Business Office at 716.874.4954 with questions regarding tuition assistance.
Supplementary Work Program
St. Joe's also sponsors a work program designed to assist students who reduce the cost of tuition by working at St. Joe's. While the program is not need-based and open to all students, it is normal for a financial aid award to include both a direct grant and an amount to be earned through the work program. Students earn tuition credits by working before and after school and during holidays, weekends, and vacations. The starting hourly rate is $10.00 per hour. It is reasonable for boys to work as many as 200 hours over 12 months (July-June) without sacrificing their school work, extra-curriculars, or family responsibility.
If parents have any questions, contact the Tuition Office at 716.874.0730 or the Business Office at 716.874.4954.
Family Allowance
If two or more boys from the same family are students at St. Joe's at the same time, the second and third son is each allowed a $900 discount.
Tuition & Fees for the 2020-21 School Year
Tuition: $14,400
Freshmen Activity Fee: $285
Freshmen Technology Fee: $375
Registration Fee (one-time): $100
Parents' Guild Dues: $20 per family
Tuition Payment
Families of incoming freshmen are responsible for a non-refundable deposit of $525, due upon receipt of an acceptance packet to ensure a spot in the incoming class. $100 of the deposit is a one-time registration fee. $425 is applied towards tuition. St. Joe's offers annual, quarterly, and monthly tuition payment plans.
Payment Plans
Payment is due on or before the 15th of each month according to the plans listed below:
  • Annual: June ($100 discount if payment made by July 1)
  • Quarterly: using EFT automatic debit method of payment in June, September, December, March
  • Monthly: using EFT automatic debit method of payment from June to March
The method for monthly and quarterly payers is by EFT (automatic debit to your bank account). Annual payers may pay by check.
Please be sure to review our full Tuition Policy.
"Like most students, I began participating in the work study program to help pay tuition. Doing work study allowed my parents to afford my quality education at St. Joe's. it does not prevent me from participating in extra-curricular activities, and I also gain other benefits beyond just money. It's helping with my attention to detail, time management, and a good work ethic that carries over into other activities." - Thomas Blum '20
Our work study program is open to all students, regardless of financial need.