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1:1 iPad Initiative

The program launched in the fall of 2012, and incoming freshmen were issued the first iPads. Faculty prepared for this transition for months, working tirelessly in the time leading up to the launch to develop plans to integrate the new iPads into practice within the 9th grade curriculum.
The initial response was overwhelming, and the following year a benefactor stepped forward to supply the upperclassmen with iPads during year 2 of the program.
Today, the 1:1 iPad Initiative continues, and every student is equipped with this important tool for learning. The impact of the program is felt in many ways: 
  • Accessibility: Most course material is available anytime and anywhere when connected to wireless internet, which is available throughout campus.
  • Increased Technology Literacy: Students are comfortable using the device, but, more importantly, learn how to use online information and tools effectively for research, collaboration, and learning.
  • Communication Advances: Through the use of discussion boards, email, and online applications, student-to-student and teacher-to-student communication is enhanced.
  • Cost-savings: Heavy and costly textbooks are replaced with e-books, accessed through the devices.
teacher and student students at table
Freshmen line up on the first day of school to receive their new iPads, a bit nervous and excited for the year to begin.