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About Mr. Seifert

Began his career at St. Joe's in 2017
Education: BA in Philosophy, University at Buffalo; MA in Philosophy, Temple University
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Food Basket Co-Moderator
Mr. Seifert thrives on the bright and positive atmosphere the students create and finds the SJCI traditions, like Food Basket, uplifting. He enjoys the constant smiles from the faculty and staff who energize him by passionately believing in what they are doing to help young men find success.
"My philosophy for teaching involves many facets. First, I aim to develop students who are highly literate. I wish to provide them with transferable skills that will lead to academic success outside my classroom. Second, through great literature, I hope to help shape young minds by exposing them to the timeless values and impenetrable ideas needed to navigate through adolescence. Lastly, I encourage my students to dream. I want to help them on their road to accomplishing what they desire from life."