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About Mr. Lomeo '07

Began his teaching career at St. Joe's in 2017
Education: BA & MA in History, University at Buffalo
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Moderator of Student Council, Moderator of the Sophomore Class
The school community is why Mr. Lomeo enjoys teaching at St. Joe's. Students come from all across Western New York, and he believes they all benefit from the incredible relationships created between students and teachers which are simply different here. He values the Catholic foundation, the academic foundation, the brotherhood foundation, and much more that he cannot label. In his eyes, the culture of the school creates an environment that is uniquely Lasallian and cannot be explained unless it is experienced. 
"Even though I am a history teacher, I believe I am a band director. The students must play the instrument. I cannot play it for them. Like the band director, I am here to help the students play their instrument and create beautiful music with it."
What many don't know: "I like to BBQ - everything from smoked pork ribs, brisket, cheese, pulled pork, and more."