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About Mrs. Scibetta

Began her St. Joe's career in 2017
Education: BA in Art History, Duquesne University; BA in English Literature, Duquesne University; MeD in Art Education, Carlow University
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Moderator of Yearbook, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Art Club, and Donate Life Club; set painter for the Theater Arts Department; Collegiate Summer Instructor
Mrs. Scibetta has found the support from colleagues and administration to be invaluable. Someone is always there to provide directions and assistance with a positive outlook. She enjoys working with St. Joe's students who she describes as polite, funny, and having a desire to be engaged and challenged in their learning.
"The world of art is ever-changing, mutating, and finding its way into all aspects of our daily lives. My goal is to awaken students to the world of design that exists everywhere around them and to see the world through an artist's lens. I believe in art for art's sake - that although it has value and connections to other subject matter, it alone is necessary and worthy to be studied, practiced, and continuously explored."
What many don't know: "I am an active artist outside of the classroom, working with oil paints and mixed media. I had my first solo show during the summer of 2018."