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About Mr. Hooker '06

Began his St. Joe's career in 2012
Education: AAS in Arts and Humanities, Erie Community College; BA in Music, Buffalo State College
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Fine Arts Department Chair, Swing Choir Director, Member of the Lasallian Animators Committee, and Varsity Singers Moderator
During his time spent as a student at St. Joe's, Mr. Hooker always felt the deepest connection to his faith through music. He struggles to put into words the exact feeling of what it was like to know that you are doing exactly what God is asking. Being given the opportunity to go back to the very place that taught him to love music and the service that we can provide to others has been a great honor.
"Music is a language that breaks down barriers of difference to find unity in all. We each have our own unique God-given talents that we are called to share with others. Our mission is to nurture those gifts through the discipline of music and use them to reach out and touch hearts."