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About Mr. Wick

Worked at St. Joe's from 2014-2018, returned in fall 2022
Education: BA in Physics, University at Buffalo; MSEd in Secondary Science Education, Canisius College; NYS Professional Teaching Certificate
Other roles held at SJCI: FIRST Robotics Team and Dungeons & Dragons Club Moderator
Mr. Wick appreciates how the SJCI alumni network helped jumpstart the Robotics Team at its inception, providing financial support and mentors for the students to work with as they learned how to build 120 pounds worth of robot in 6 weeks. It was a great example of brotherhood, as these former students, young and seasoned, returned to give back to their school community in a time of need.
"Make mistakes. As many as you can. We learn through mistakes, so try something new and if it doesn't go right the first time, keep at it because it'll make the 'aha' at the end feel that much better!"