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About Mr. Hoerner

Began his career at St. Joe's in 2006
Education: BS in English Education - grade 7-12 and MA in English, Buffalo State College
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Classic Film Club, Book Club, and National Honor Society Moderator

St. Joe's has given Mr. Hoerner the opportunity to teach students who possess a wide variety of talents and interests. He appreciates the opportunity to form bonds with his students and, hopefully, make a positive impact on their lives. He has been able to present fascinating books, films, and ideas to our students. The school has also provided Mr. Hoerner with the freedom of book selections that can help him tailor classes to fit his strengths and personality. He also appreciates the support to develop electives that he is passionate about.
"My teaching philosophy centers around the fact that all students are unique and have much to offer. The best classroom environments allow students to express themselves in an honest and respectful way. Classes should also introduce students to new ideas and give them the tools to examine their world in a thoughtful way."