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About Mrs. Billoni

Began her career at St. Joe's in 2011
Education: BA in English/Secondary Education, Geneseo; MA in Literacy, Nazareth College
Mrs. Billoni enjoys teaching at St. Joe's simply because of the students. They make the school come alive with their enthusiasm for academics, sports, music, and more. Every day presents something new for her, and she admits there's never a dull moment!
"It is my responsibility as a teacher to provide students with a positive learning environment in which everyone feels comfortable. Developing positive relationships is also a major aspect of quality teaching and student learning. This promotes a sense of school belonging and encourages students to participate, leading to greater achievements both in and out of the classroom. It is my goal to foster these relationships as well as to provide students with the knowledge to be successful, not only in my classroom, but throughout the rest of their lives."