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Become a 'Marauder TV' Star!
The A-Team is a club for students who are interested in learning the art of sports communication. No experience is necessary! Students work in the press box during SJCI sporting events and deliver play-by-play commentary, color commentary, work as the camera operator, or the scoreboard/statistics operator.
Play-by-play: Announces in-game action constantly while broadcast is live, giving specific details of what is happening while referencing players’ names and numbers. 
Color Commentary: Gives depth to the broadcast, creating a conversation with the play-by-play announcer so that the broadcast flows smoothly. When play stops or there is a lull in the action, this is when the color commentator  jumps in and make a remark about statistics and recall a plays.
Camera Operator: Sets up the camera and uses the camera to follow the play. Zoom in on players after a point/goal. 
Scoreboard/Statistics Operator: Inputs live statistics into the broadcast computer, to appear during the broadcast on the screen. Additionally, it’s the Scoreboard operator’s job to appropriately use those statistics to coordinate with what the commentators are talking about, and to put graphics on the screen during lulls in play and stoppages. 
Sign up to join the A-Team today! Students can request certain sports/games/seasons.
Email Mr. Anken ([email protected]) to learn more.