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About Mr. Serra

Began his career at St. Joe's in 2021
Education: BA in Chemistry and EdM in Chemistry Education, University at Buffalo
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Collegiate Summer Co-Moderator and Assistant Volleyball Coach
Mr. Serra is incredibly excited to be teaching here at St. Joe's because the culture and environment that exists in the school in unlike any other school he's been to. He says the faculty and staff at SJCI are absolutely wonderful, and more importantly, the students are truly a pleasure to work with.
"I truly believe that science literacy is just as important as any other type of literacy, and I make that an emphasis in my teaching of chemistry. In a world that is incredibly STEM-driven, now more than ever, it's important to be able to properly navigate life's everyday challenges in order to make the most intelligent and informed decisions possible. Improving the science literacy of these young men helps them achieve that goal, and readies them for the future."