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Our Endowment

Our Lasallian Mission is the foundation of our St. Joe’s community. Our Endowment is the strategic asset that will ensure its strength and vitality for generations to come.
How It Works
The St. Joe’s Endowment is a collection of more than 130 funds that provide a permanent source of student financial aid and programmatic support to the school. Gifts to endowed funds are invested to earn long-term returns and grow over time. Each year, a portion of the Endowment is withdrawn to benefit our current students.
Beginning an Endowed Fund
To establish an endowed fund, an individual or group contributes or pledges at least $25,000 to create a perpetual source of support for financial aid for deserving students or – in some cases – to fund a particular program. These endowments are named in honor of a family, individual, or class of alumni to create a lasting legacy at St. Joe’s.
Supporting an Existing Endowed Fund
Endowment gifts are investments in the value of a St. Joe’s education. All gifts to endowed funds are meaningful, and every dollar has a perpetual impact on the lives of St. Joe’s students. Whichever endowed fund your gift benefits, it will help provide the opportunity of a St. Joe’s education to young men far into the future.
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