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Counseling Services

Counseling services are vital components of the educational process. They enable students to assess their needs, recognize their abilities, and formulate strategies to achieve their potential. Our services are available to all students, parents and school staff in a variety of ways and are developmental, preventative and remedial in nature.
The school counselors are all certified professionals trained in counseling theory and clinical skills adapted to the school setting. School counselors guide students to self-awareness so that they can make sound decisions and become responsible, productive, life-long learners. First and foremost, school counselors are advocates for their students. In addition, the school counselors assume a variety of roles, which most often fall under one of three primary roles: counselor, consultant, and facilitator.
The counseling program seeks to implement strategies and activities to support and enable students to experience academic success, maximize learning through commitment, and be prepared for opportunities after high school. This area includes:
  • acquisition of skills in decision making
  • problem solving and goal setting
  • reasoning and interpersonal communication
  • academic achievement