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The Classroom Experience

Technology gives us the power to transform teaching and learning inside our classrooms. The integration of technology into our pedagogical approach to every subject area has led to increased student engagement and collaboration, as well as exciting changes to our curriculum. At the same time, increasing students’ technological literacy has equipped our graduates with the right skills for college and career.
Innovative Curriculum
The demands of 21st century learning require a rigorous and engaging curriculum that combines critical thinking skills, technology, and collaboration. At St. Joe’s, we embrace the opportunity and work hard to develop innovative and contemporary courses to prepare our students for the next level.

Currently, you will find our students in the following courses: (See the course catalog for class descriptions.)
Computer Science
  • Topics in Computer Science
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Computer Forensics & Cybersecurity
  • e-Commerce
  • Computer-Aided Design 1 - Architecture
  • Computer-Aided Design 2 - Mechanical
  • AP Computer Science
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Digital Electronics
Creative Arts & Architecture
  • Art & Architecture
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Digital Video Arts