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Asking for Your Support

St. John Baptist La Salle calls us “to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.”

For generations of students, the opportunity to attend St. Joe’s has been possible only because of those who believe in the importance of our school – the alumnus who paid it forward; the teacher who covered tuition for the boy who needed it most; the Christian Brothers who kept the doors open to young men regardless of their parents’ financial circumstances.

The Campaign for Our Lasallian Mission seeks to answer St. La Salle’s by creating the opportunity of a St. Joe’s education for the next generation of deserving students.

All our families save and sacrifice to send their sons to St. Joe’s. But the challenge for an average family in Western New York has never been greater – and will only increase in the future.
• Current tuition and fees total more than $13,000.

• Nearly half of our students receive need-based financial aid. 

• Over 80% receive tuition support, including financial aid, academic scholarships, and work-study. 


The Campaign for Our Lasallian Mission was designed to ensure the sustainability of St. Joe’s and provide opportunity for the next generation of deserving students through three strategic priorities: 

1. Growing the Endowment to generate a perpetual source of financial aid and scholarships. 

2. Strengthening Annual Giving to provide tuition support for current and prospective students. 

3. Building an Innovation Fund to continuously improve the quality of education. 

Begun in the 2012-2013 fiscal year and supported by so many in our community over the past five years, the Campaign’s finish line is now in sight – but it is achievable only with your support.