17 Freshman Inducted into the Brother Pompian Honors Academy (BPHA)

Congratulations to the 17 freshmen who were inducted into the Brother Pompian Honors Academy (BPHA) this fall! Selected for their exceptional scores on the entrance exam, these students will be challenged to reach their highest potential with academic and cultural enrichment opportunities throughout their high school years.
Congratulations to our inductees, and we look forward to witnessing all of your accomplishments over the next four years!
Top row: (left to right) Patrick McWilliams, Lucas Kaczmarek, Jason Gordon, Akash Rudra, Lucas Walker, Michael Christopher, James Wild, Charles Urciuoli
Bottom row: (left to right) Nate Gomez, Gabe Gomez, Camden Cardinal, Ryan Covelli, RJ Gavigan, Lucas Moscati, Colin Fulco
Not pictured: Bryce Johnson, John Cahalan V