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About Mrs. Dyet

Began her St. Joe's career in 2017
Education: BA - dual major in Biology and Psychology, MBA, Canisius College
Other roles held at St. Joe's: Investment Club Moderator, St. Joe's Rocks Moderator, Business Manager for the Spring Musical
Mrs. Dyet considers it a privilege to be a member of the St. Joe's faculty. St. Joe's actively supports the study of entrepreneurship and cooperative learning. Students study a wide variety of business and economic topics deeply and thoroughly. Students freely discuss current events in context of their potential career choices. Most students know little about the business world, and she feels truly fortunate to introduce them to the careers and skills that can change their lives.
"Nothing improves the human condition more than the acquisition of education. Education builds confidence, strengthens resilience, and increases our awareness of societal needs. Honing skills and helping others to do the same is our right and our obligation.  Education and Faith…that which we cannot lose once we possess."
What many don't know: "I am an enthusiastic alpine skier. See you on the slopes!"