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About Mr. Mueller '82

Began his career at St. Joe's in 1995
Education: BS in Engineering, Buffalo State College
Recognitions: St. Joe's Alumni Association's Man of the Year Award; St. Joe's Lasallian Educator of the Year Award
As the coordinator of the robust work-study program, Mr. Mueller has made an incredible impact on generations of Marauders. While he can maintain and fix just about anything, it is the opportunity to work directly with the students that makes this career so fulfilling for him.
"By the time a young man leaves high school, he should have acquired some hands-on skills. He should be able to drive a stick shift, back up a trailer, run a sewing machine, and use a drill. He should know how to sweep, how to mop, when to use a hammer and definitely when not to."
What many don't know: "I am a huge Nascar fan. Follow me on Twitter @sjcijanitor1, and you might get an invite to our next Nascar event."