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About Mr. Hellerer '75

Began his St. Joe's career in 1984
Education: BS in Nutrition, Cornell University; MS in Education, Canisius College
Anyone that knows Mr. Hellerer '75 knows this to be true: it is the generosity of students that inspire him. He truly believes he gets an awful lot from his experiences with them. 
"Science makes the world a better place. Its fruits are everywhere. Aspirin, clean water, foul weather gear, and laundry detergent all improve the quality of life. To do science well, students have to use all their weapons: their smarts, their curiosity, their creativity and their drive. Above all they have to believe. If students are not rock solid certain that they can use chemistry to help improve things for their family and friends, they soon tire and give in to frustration, boredom and confusion. Mostly I just remind students that the work is a gift and difficult for everyone. I give them the book and try to stay out of the way. Sometimes I shout from the sidelines. 'Get back up. Look ahead. You can do this.' "
What many don't know: "When I was young, I had red hair and was sometimes mistaken for Robert Redford. "