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About Mrs. Deyell

Began her career at St. Joe's in 2013
Education: BA in English and History, minor in Education, MA in English, St. Bonaventure University
Mrs. Deyell's role in the Institutional Advancement Office allows her to play a role in the fundraising process, advancing the Lasallian mission of SJCI so that young men who deserve to be here are not excluded because of their parents’ financial circumstances. She considers this a blessing.
"The lessons we learn in school far exceed the facts absorbed in a classroom. How to live with one another, how to listen well, how to respect opinions and lifestyles that may differ from our own, these are all things that we should take away from every single period of the school day, from the most difficult AP course to the most stress-free lunch period. And those lessons are perhaps more important and more enduring in the grand scheme of things."