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About Mr. Bleecher

Began his career at St. Joe's in 1999
Education:  BS in Mathematics, minor in Education,University at Buffalo
Other roles held at St. Joe's: NYC Freshman Trip Chaperone, Math Contest Coordination, Volleyball and Wrestling Scorer, Transportation Crew, Football and Basketball Gate Crew, Intramural Bowling Coordinator 
Mr. Bleecher enjoys working together toward a common goal in many areas, both with students and colleagues.
"Good mathematics is not about repeating a solution to a particular problem; it’s about building skills which can be applied to any problem. Strategies for solving, for analyzing, and for communication of math concepts must be done both incorporating technology and independent of technology."
What many don't know: "I privately considered the priesthood in my teen years but was drawn to the pursuit of mathematical excellence, landing in a world where my faith is confirmed in my mathematical understanding of the world."