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Membership Requirements


Continued membership in the Brother Pompian Honors Academy will be contingent on three areas: academics, academic/cultural enrichment activities, and the senior project.

In order to maintain membership status for the following year, each student must complete the following:

  • Freshmen - enroll in THREE (3) or more honors/advanced classes and achieve a 90+ overall average for the year. Students must also complete EIGHT (8) points worth of academic or cultural enrichment outside of the classroom and submit completed enrichment tracking sheets to Mrs. Golden.
  • Sophomores - same as freshman year requirements.
  • Juniors - same as freshman and sophomore year, with one add-on. In addition to three honors/advanced classes, you must engage in what we call a "plus one", defined as one of the following options:
    • A full credit over-elect during your normal school day
    • One additional honors or advanced class (for a total of four or more)
  • Seniors - same as junior year, with another add-on.  Senior year, members celebrate their completion of the BPHA requirements for graduation by completing a senior project and presentation.