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If you would like your AP scores on your transcript, please make sure that you and your parents have signed the AP scores release form. This is available under the helpful forms+links section of the guidance webpage.
Please remember that if you are applying for art or music programs, there may be additional portfolios or auditions required. It is your responsibility to check with each school that you are applying to so that you can meet the deadlines and deliver the material they require in a timely fashion. Please see your counselor if this applies to you - we are happy to help you in any way that we can.
Some colleges require that SAT/ACT scores come directly from the testing agency. It is each student's responsibility to check whether his schools have this requirement. Additionally, students should be checking to see if a particular college requires SAT subject tests. Generally speaking, most colleges will accept scores through the December tests of senior year.
College campus visits are encouraged by your counselors. Please remember that you have 3 days to use for this purpose. You need to bring a note to your counselor from your parents at least the day before your intended visit. Please see the senior handbook or the student or parent presentations on the "helpful forms + links" section of the website for a complete explanation of this policy.
When you are turning in applications, please remember to include the following items:
  1. Any counselor/school report forms (it will be called the secondary school report form on common app. Some other schools may refer to it at the counselor report, school report, etc. Some schools do not have a form for the counselor to fill out, so please let us know if you have difficulty locating a form - it may not exist!)
  2. Your activities résumé emailed to your counselor
  3. Any additional supplemental materials that may be required (that is up to each student to find out for each college)
In most cases, we will be submitting materials electronically this year.
Please feel free to contact your counselor at any time with questions or concerns about your applications or any other issues that may arise.
A reminder that working papers can be obtained from the guidance secretary, Mrs. Manna 716-874-5585 or

College Planning Timeline
  1. Meet with your counselor in early fall to discuss your college plans.
  2. Attend college fairs and meet with college admissions representatives at St. Joe's.
  3. Narrow college choices and obtain applications.
  4. Determine deadlines and requirements and stick to them!
  5. Make a rough draft of your college entrance essay and have a teacher and/or counselor review it in early fall. Then write your final draft.
  6. Take the ACT or SAT exam in early fall and forward your scores to the colleges to which you plan to apply.
  7. Bring in envelopes to your counselor addressed to the colleges you are applying to send transcripts and letters of recommendations (if not applying online).
  8. Submit applications by December 1st (but be sure to check each individual school's deadline).
  9. Keep copies of everything you send.
  10. Apply for all possible scholarships. All scholarships available at St. Joe's are on the website.
  11. Apply for need-based financial aid as soon after January 1st as possible.
  12. Visit colleges to which you've applied (if possible).
  13. Make your final choice and notify school(s) no later than May 1st. Send an acceptance letter and necessary documents and deposits to your college of choice. Write polite letters of refusal to others.
  14. If offered, plan to attend the summer orientation program at your college of choice.
  15. Your achievement in rigorous courses during your senior year may be important in the admission decision; don't be tempted to take it easy when you've made it this far!
Counselor Contact Information:

Mrs. Kristin Smith, ( A-J ) 874.4024 ext. 122
Ms. Carley Wright, ( K-Z ) 874.4024 ext. 120