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About Mr. Gehl

Began his St. Joe's career in 2018
Education: BA in Theology & Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville; MAT, Christ the King Seminary; Certification in Spiritual Direction
What Mr. Gehl loves about St. Joe's is the sense of family that is present in the students, faculty, and staff combined with the deep sense of brotherhood and ownership present in the school.
"Our faith is founded on a relationship with a loving God. Even when we are sometimes blind and unaware of it, we are always in the holy and loving presence of God. Christ continues to enter into the world and into our lives as our companion through the mountains and valleys of life. Our goal through Campus Ministry is to provide experiences to draw us into that encounter and provide opportunities to reflect upon them through the eyes of faith."
What many don't know: "Prior to coming to St. Joe's, my wife, children, and I spent two years as lay foreign Catholic missionaries. Most of that time was spent working with those in need in Mexico."