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Mr. Thoin and Mr. Clark meet with each student throughout the school year individually in their office. If you have any questions or concerns before you have your meeting, please come see your counselor!
Freshman Seminar: a course to provide freshmen with valuable educational and life skills to help to ease the transition from middle school to high school, and orient each student to the specific culture of St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. Topics include:
  • study skills
  • cultural awareness
  • adolescent socialization issues
  • how to prepare for success in high school, college, and career
  • leadership skills
  • relevant computer skills
  • basic introduction to the Lasallian world
The course meets once per cycle for the full school year. The instruction team includes members of the counseling staff, administration, and technology department.
Career Day Presentations: There will be (6) career day presentations throughout the school year. Each student is REQUIRED to attend (3) at minimum. Please encourage your sons to attend them all! You never know when your son's interest will be triggered.
The presentations are scheduled during lunch periods, but handled in a manner so the boys still have a lunch. These are an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for the boys.
Working papers are available from Mrs. Manna, the Counseling Administrative Assistant. She can be reached at 716.874.5585 or with questions.
College Planning Timeline
  1. Review general college admission requirements.
  2. Start taking college-prep classes and do well in them!
  3. Begin to think about, and talk to your parents about, a college financing plan.
  4. Balance your school work with activities that help you explore your interests, practice time management, learn new skills and/or contribute to your community.
The road to college doesn't start when you begin visiting campuses and filling out applications. It starts when you commit yourself to making the most of your abilities inside and outside the classroom.
Now is the time to start planning a broad-based, challenging high school course of study. This will increase your chances of gaining admission to the college of your choice and give you the tools you need to succeed in a variety of fields.
It is also important to take advantage of leadership and service opportunities that allow you to make an impact on your school and community. Staying involved in those kinds of activities is a great way to strengthen your college application.
If you have any questions about the college admission process, feel free to see your counselor!
Counselor Contact Information:
Mr. Michael Thoin, (A-K) 874.4024 ext. 121
Mr. Canaan Clark, (L-Z) 874.4024 ex.123