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Introducing Our Campaign

St. Joe’s is strong – spiritually, academically, and fiscally. But a challenge remains: the cost of providing an excellent education and preparing students for success in the 21st Century continues to rise. Tuition is currently over $13,000 – a number that is out of reach for so many families in Western New York. 

In response, we founded a capital campaign on the essence of who we are, designed to build a sustainable future for St. Joe’s. It would answer St. La Salle’s call to provide a high-quality education that welcomes students from all backgrounds – and especially the poor. And it would mirror what has always happened at St. Joe’s – alumni paying it forward – but institutionalize and increase that tradition exponentially to meet the urgency of today and the ongoing challenge of tomorrow. 
Today, I invite you to join The Campaign for Our Lasallian Mission. With boldness characteristic of the St. Joe’s spirit, we seek to raise $20 million to make our shared Mission, our school, and our commitment to providing financial aid to deserving young men sustainable. 
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Over the past five years, our community has raised $15 million towards this goal in Endowment and Annual support. We have made so much progress, but – over the next year – there is so much more work to do. As I begin my final year as President, my central focus will be connecting with alumni and friends and inviting each of you to join us in this important cause. 

If we succeed now – if we reach this ambitious goal – there will be no dramatic groundbreaking or ceremonial ribbon to cut. Our success will be found in the story of a young man. He is 13, maybe from Tonawanda, the City of Buffalo, or Lockport. He wants deeply to join our community and become a Marauder. His family is willing to sacrifice to send him to St. Joe’s – but they simply cannot do it on their own. 

Our victory will come when we open the doors at 845 Kenmore Avenue to this young man. When he experiences the transformative power of Lasallian education and works to become the best version of himself – the person whom God has intended him to be.

Our finish line for this campaign is painted on the stage at Kleinhans. It is the moment when a boy – who otherwise could have never come to our school – becomes a St. Joe’s man, an indispensable part of our brotherhood.

If we act now – if you become part of this campaign – we will celebrate our accomplishment in generations to come.

Robert T. Scott, AFSC